Last Weekend: Colin Dussault’s Blue Project, Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival, Ingenuity Fest, and the Cleveland Metroparks

So as Friday rolls on by, I hope you’ve had a good one. Looking forward to this weekend made in the shade. Last week started out with the Colin Dussault Blues Project, one musician name my mom has been saying for a while. (He’s been in the Cleveland scene since ’89). “Colin Dussault is great, you should see him.” And he is! He and his band rule. Him, the drummer, the bassist, the harmonica, everything.


I’ve always just thought of Smedley’s as the friendly Westpark biker bar, but they sure know how to book em’! Colin Dussault and his blues band, as mom advised, was awesome! Had me tappin and a’ twirlin’ and a swingin’ mum around all night. (I’m a sucker for harmonica, and Colin’s got the pipes).

Thursday nights are Pajammy Parties (jam nights) and cheap shots and beers are the law of the land. Really, there is no law to this land; you can still smoke a cig inside.

Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival:

Chalk isn’t just for kids. These drawings were done as a sort of preview to the Chalk Fest that was taking place at the Cleveland Museum of Art the same day. Festival goers went to town with that chalk. Nice pigment, eh?

Ingenuity Fest:

The event took place at Lakefront Dock’s 30 and 32 at the Port of Cleveland. Beautiful clear shots of Lake Erie all around. Made a nice backdrop for the atmospheric DJ in the main room. Comedians, magicians, string bands, and pretty much anyone with a schtick set up along the docks, drawing nice, intimate audiences.

Part of the gallery section. I love when artist’s aren’t aren’t afraid of color. This cooky doodle style drew me in.

“Post-Industrial Flow Sprout”

This carved wood piece was enormous! So much detail and beautifully varied coloration. Up for grabs to the guy with $250,000 and a truck.

Close-up preview from Thursday night

Out of focus, but check out the scale on this bad boy! Unreal. Could look at this for days and see new compositions.

Cleveland Metroparks/”The Valley”:

Dale, skippin rocks and chillin’ on the river.

Overall, a great weekend in the 216. Today I’m down in Dayton to celebrate the first anniversary of Kerry Martens’s 21st birthday! Long live Kerry Martens.


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